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IKEA specializes in the design and sale of furniture and decorative objects. NeedHelp is a partner of some IKEA stores for the installation of kitchens and bathrooms, and furniture assembly.

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Since its creation in 1985, AXA has grown into a globally recognized brand, present in 64 countries with nearly 107 million customers. In France, Axa has more than 6 million customers and 33,000 employees! An adventure made possible thanks to the involvement of all its employees who share the same ambition: to make your life better by protecting you in the best way possible in the face of threats and uncertainties. Protecting your property, this is their core business, but in addition, your health and your financial assets. To do this, Axa has a range of products and services, always starting with: the customer, their expectations and their needs. Since February 2021, AXA has been in partnership with NeedHelp to cover all the needs published on the platform

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