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NeedHelp Guarantee

Satisfied or Redone ?

Any booking made through Needhelp is subject to our guarantee and after sales support.

The Satisfied or Redone guarantee covers dissatisfaction related to assembly, installation, or a defect which happens during the course of the work.

The purpose of this service offered by NeedHelp is to fund*:

  • A recovery professional, if the first has not been able to assist.
  • Reimbursement for the repurchase of replacement material or equipment required to resume and complete the original job.

*Guarantee limited to twice the quote which was originally accepted, up to a maximum of € 2.000 per job. Notification must be received within 7 days. Response under 15 days.

Axa warranty- multi-risk insurance cover

Public liability :

This cover is limited to beneficiaries ( for collateral damage, material damage, bodily injury, etc.) to have recourse to defend themselves, in the event of the occurrence of a claim during the job.

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