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NeedHelp, the solution for all your projects! is a service marketplace that allows you to outsource your work to a skilled tradesperson in less than 48 hours: assemble furniture, install a kitchen, paint a wall, move a couch or mow the lawn…

Find a tradesperson for all your daily needs.

From small jobs to major renovation projects, you can call on NeedHelp with confidence, installation fitting, kitchen installation, painting, bathroom renovation, floor or wall covering, plumbing/electricity, as well as outdoor installations, terrace installations, shutters, gates... Also ask for help with moving, delivery, gardening.

Why trust NeedHelp?

Our network helps you find skilled profiles near your home. All tradespeople are verified by our teams, you can also refer to the reviews on the platform and badges (diplomas, training and skills).

All our services include AXA insurance against personal injury and property damage, as well as a “Satisfied or Redone” guarantee in case of poor performance of a service.

A network of more than 2000 partner shops in Europe.

In 8 years, NeedHelp has become the reference in terms of installations and assemblies for brands such as IKEA, Jumbo, Lampenwelt etc.

Post your job online or visit one of our partner shops to meet a salesperson. Don’t forget to leave a review on the selected tradesperson’s profile after each job: this way, you will help the tradesperson build its e-reputation and contribute to strengthening the quality of our service.

Check out our customer’s reviews on Trustpilot.

Do you want to become a tradesperson?

You are a professional? Register as a Professional and get access to exclusive jobs from our partners.

You are an individual and like to do small jobs in your spare time? Become a NeedHelp tradesperson and respond to jobs that interest you.

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The NeedHelp team checks each tradesperson’s badges: identity card, company number for professionals, insurance if applicable, etc. Tradespeople are also rated by clients from 1 to 5 at the end of each job.

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