Babysitting / Aide à la personne Item to be picked up from Orly West lost and found and shipped to Canada

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I lost an item at Orly West and it has been found and is at their lost and found. I have a reference number for the item and the method to claim it. But I am not in Paris. I would need someone to get it and ship it to my address in Canada. My phone number for this post may not be correct since the site will not allow me to enter my Canada number.
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Date 07/09/2018

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Lieu 91551 Paray-Vieille-Poste

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Jordan H

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35 €
Arnaud E

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I could do it today, tomorrow or later. Let me now
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Sarah B
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I can do for you. It’s 10€ for the gasoline and the price of the post.

Q&A Questions / Réponses

Hi Jordan - just working on where I will be when. Will be a few days before I can let you know the details.
Message public Le 30/08/2018 23:08
Hi Jordan - just wondering if you got my last message. Thanks. Robert
Message public Le 06/09/2018 19:11
Hi Jordan I was able to hire you through the site and have your contact email. Let me know when you have the email and I will send you the details to get the item at Orly. Thanks!
Message public Le 07/09/2018 10:08
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