Laminate flooring installation

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Flooring or Tiling
✔ Type of floor covering : Wooden-Flooring
✔ Floor surface area : 21-25m²
✔ Removal of existing floor covering
✔ Installation of skirting boards
✔ Jobber provides tools

I am looking to replace the flooring in my living room, entrance hallway, and downstairs WC. There is currently carpet in the living room and laminate in the other two rooms. The underlay in all rooms will also be replaced.
The living room has the stairs coming off (carpeted, not needing replacement), and a cupboard that extends the full extent under the stairs that will be floored. I believe the subfloor is concrete.
The room sizes are: Living room : 4.05 m x 4.52 m; Hallway : 1.79 m x 1.02 m; WC : 1.79 m x 0.89 m (see floor plan attached).
There are some larger pieces of furniture in the living room that aren't possible to move out of the room (such as the sofa).
Due before :
Date 31/10/2021

Location :
Lieu M15 5TA

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Q&A Questions & Answers

Hi Catherine would you be supplying all materials eg wooden floor beading and underlay kind regards Alan
Date 02/09/2021 21:37
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Hi Alan, Yes, I will be - though advice would be welcome! Thanks, Cat
Date 02/09/2021 22:05
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I can do this for you and will be there to give you all the advice you need thanks alan
Date 02/09/2021 22:25
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Hi Catherine When you say installation of skirting boards, do you mean you want all areas to be laminated, and skirting boards fitted after?
Date 02/09/2021 22:56
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Hi Galestan, Yes, please - there are skirting boards at the moment, but I expect the new flooring will be substantially higher so would need to replace the skirting boards. Thanks, Cat
Date 02/09/2021 23:01
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Hello Catherine, I would be happy to do the job, I am experienced, with good communication skill with my clients and i have had the covid jabs. I advice its not necessary to take off the present skirting for the underlay and flooring total would not be higher than normal. However, it will only not require beadings if the skirting is installed after the floor goes on.
Date 02/09/2021 23:23
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Thanks Catherine, been a joiner for 35 years, in my experience you do not need replacing your skirting boards, I can take them off and replace them after the new floor is down, guarantee you as good as new skirting, as well as it is the professional way to do it. I will be happy to carry out the work for you. My offer above will include labour, needhelp insurance, and some material to fit your skirting boards back down. Many thanks.
Date 02/09/2021 23:57
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