Cabinets mount on the wall

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Good afternoon I’ve seen that you left a comment on my profile and asked for pictures, I left some but I do not know if this website have direct messages, my I do not know the weight of the cabinets but not too heavy that won’t be handled, my wall is not hard when knocking on it I can hear a bit of noise which doesn’t not seem hard like others in the flat, I would like to know if it’s possible to get this done as I am desperate to have this mounted because of my 4 years old daughter that has a disability.
I also assembled all furniture ( I will attach a picture and mark what I want to be done, because as a woman don’t know how to explain properly)
Thank you

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Date 27/07/2021

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Lieu SE6 4NU

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Hi, Does it come with a manual for mounting? Many thanks. With kind regards, Abu

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Edna, It would be easier if I could arrange to come and take a look in order to properly assess the requirement. I think you'd need to call needhelp as I believe this needs to be arranged through them. Thanks
Date 23/07/2021 16:28
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Hi. Edna, how many are there and is the wall concrete? Any pictures that you have would be helpful to give you an accurate quote. Regards Andy
Date 23/07/2021 16:53
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Hi Edna, I've seen the images, but cannot work out how many there are in total? Regards Andy
Date 23/07/2021 16:58
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