4 (Steel) post brackets drilled into the concrete ground please.

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Hi there,

I have a simple job for whomever has the correct equipment. I have brought some fence parts but only need 4 post brackets drilled into the ground to secure them. One if for the start of my fence run; where I will be putting a decorative fence panel within the two posts. the other is two fence posts to cover the garage that I have with the view to concealing the garage when I'm ready to knock it down.

This job only involves drilling the fence post brackets, which are made of aluminium (or steel) to the concrete/stone ground. I had purchased 10mm x 150mm bolts, but I believe they may be too long. I know I need 10mm x 120mm bolts (from the review on B&Q from another helpful user). So that would mean I need 4 per post bracket (16 in total for 4 post brackets). Plus the drill bit I had brought, which is 10mm x 250mm (I think), doesn't seem to be penetrating the ground. So it might be my drill that doesn't work properly.

If you let me know the cost of the bolts, then I will pay for them, because I found them difficult to obtain as nowhere seems to have them in stock.

Other than that. That's it.
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Date 30/06/2021

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