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✔ Type bedekking : Parket
✔ Grond oppervlak : 36-40m²
✔ Verwijder de oude bedekking
✔ Patching
✔ Het leggen van plinten
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We need our old floor taking up and the new floor (oak parquet effect laminate flooring from B and Q) fitting.
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Date 01/10/2021

Lieu M33 7AU

date 200-500 GBP

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job 616593
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700 GBP
Christopher M

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Quote as promised. This is a standard labour rate for professional floor fitting and is based on 38m2. It also includes taking up the old floor (normally an extra charge) and underlay install etc… Skirting board install would need discussion on inspection as too many permutations that dictate that cost… We are professional fitters, we are not ‘odd job’ men. We work to exacting standards using the latest techniques and pro high end equipment. Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed… Hope we can help. Best regards, Christophe

Q&A Vragen/Antwoorden

Hi Philippa. What is the old flooring pls..?
Datum van het bericht 15/09/2021 12:20
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It is also B and Q wood effect laminate.
Datum van het bericht 15/09/2021 12:23
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What are the rooms that need the new floor pls Philippa. And how old is the property..?
Datum van het bericht 15/09/2021 12:37
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It is the whole of an open plan downstairs, with the exception on a tiled kitchen area. The house is 1960, with solid floors.
Datum van het bericht 15/09/2021 12:46
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And do you need skirting fitting in the whole of that space..?
Datum van het bericht 15/09/2021 12:52
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Apologies there are a few questions Philippa. The way this platform works is that we have to give quotes without seeing the full extent of the work and quite often we give quotes that end up not actually covering half of the task at hand once viewed...
Datum van het bericht 15/09/2021 12:53
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That’s ok. We don’t need skirting for all of it, but just some of it.
Datum van het bericht 15/09/2021 12:56
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OK no problem. We generally charge per meter but I can quote for the floor and we can discuss the skirting once viewed if that's ok... I'll upload the quote for your consideration and Ive got some availability coming up due to other work being postponed until Oct... Any questions pls shout...
Datum van het bericht 15/09/2021 13:02
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Datum van het bericht 15/09/2021 13:03
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