Small 3-bed, 1 bath Wallpainting - Empty House

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Painting / Wall covering
✔ To do : Painting
✔ Surface to be renovated : 101-150m²
✔ Single walls only
✔ Prepare the surface

3-bedrooms, 1-bathroom need wall painting + skirting - High Priority
Hallway/Stairs/Landing need wallpaper stripping and wall painting + skirting - Medium Priority
Living room, Dining Room, cloakroom need wall painting and skirting - Lower Priority

Due before :
Date 19/09/2021

Location :
Lieu IP3 0NL

date 500-2000 GBP

date Direct - Payment
job 606044
Current offers
2293 GBP
Grant M

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Q&A Questions & Answers

Hi David When would u like job started
Date 12/09/2021 10:21
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Hi David Is there a update on ur job
Date 14/09/2021 07:40
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Morning. We’ve had to move in to the house now, but the job is still outstanding. We’ll just need to move stuff around for rooms that are being worked on. Priority list is still the same although the work will probably have to take place over a longer time period just because of the logistics of having to move things around. Ultimately the whole interior needs doing
Date 15/09/2021 09:34
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Job can start whenever
Date 15/09/2021 09:34
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