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Unloading help - wood flooring to bring upstairs

prestataire   Posted by Giordano R jobbing
Unloading help
✔ Number of floors : 3
✔ Estimated volume : 2m³
✔ Boxes to be unpacked
✔ Bring straps and belts with you


I bought a new wooden flooring and I need to carry it upstairs from ground floor to the third floor. It is 46 packs of around 12.5kg and the size is 15*15*120cm
Due date :
Date 26/11/2021

Location :
Lieu E1 4R

Budget :
250 GBP

date Direct - Payment
job 672298
Current offers
125 GBP
Chris H

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Be happy to undertake this task for you.

Q&A Questions & Answers

Hi when will you need this job done?
Date 25/11/2021 10:24
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Friday tomorrow afternoon I will know exactly when today
Date 25/11/2021 12:24
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No problem available after 1pm . Just book when you know when. Thank you
Date 25/11/2021 12:44
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Hi Chris, The delivery is tomorrow afternoon. They told me that is between mid day and four and they will call me 30 minutes early to le me know the time. The place is in mile end near the leisure centre
Date 25/11/2021 18:58
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