Removing of garden tiling & building raised brick bed

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Walls / Partitions
✔ Job : Masonry
✔ Tradesperson provides tools

Need 2 raised garden beds either side of my garden, light-coloured brick. Garden tiles (roughly 1 inch thick) underneath to be removed. Just the box walls needed, no cement flooring or anything. I will fill in the beds myself & deal with the topsoil.

1st Bed dimensions:
W:90cm x L:765cm x H: 75cm

2nd Bed dimensions:
W: 90cm x L: 540cm x H: 75cm

Fine for dimensions to vary slightly to accommodate brick size.
vehicule nécessaire Vehicle required: a car
Professionnel  2 tradespeople required
Due before :
Date 15/02/2022

Location :
Lieu HA8 6L

Budget :
To be defined

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