Flooring or Tiling

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Flooring or Tiling
✔ Type of floor covering : Wooden-Flooring
✔ Floor surface area : 26-30m²
✔ Removal of existing floor covering

Take up laminate in kitchen and lay laminate 12 sq m
Take up carpet from living room and lay laminate 14 sq m
Due before :
Date 21/08/2021

Location :
Lieu TN24 9BN Kennington

date To be defined

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Q&A Questions & Answers

Good Evening Jackie, this is certainly something we can do for you. I would welcome the opportunity to come and look at the work required, to take exact measurements and discuss your requirements. Also, when would you like the work to be carried out, as we are booked up for the next couple of months? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Daniel.
Date 10/06/2021 18:59
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Hi Daniel yes happy for you to take a look. No immediate need for the job to be done
Date 10/06/2021 21:19
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That’s great Jackie, when is convenient for me to come round? Evenings or weekend mornings are best for me, around our current work commitments. Best wishes, Daniel.
Date 10/06/2021 21:38
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I work from home so I’m here other than the school run. So before I leave for school at 8.30 between 9.10 and 2.40 or anytime after 3.10 pm
Date 10/06/2021 22:27
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How about 6pm on Tuesday 15th June? Thanks, Daniel.
Date 10/06/2021 22:41
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That’s fine
Date 10/06/2021 22:50
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Thank you Jackie. As we are not able to share our personal details directly on this website. I will contact them, so they can release yours to me and I will then contact you. Many thanks, Daniel.
Date 10/06/2021 23:18
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