The "Satisfied or Redone" guarantee!

NeedHelp provides its users with a "Satisfied or Redone" guarantee

This guarantee allows clients who have services provided by tradespeople on the NeedHelp site, to see the service redone if it does not comply with what was ordered.

The purpose of this service offered by NeedHelp is to enable and finance:

  • The re-installation of the bad execution of the service by the tradesperson
  • The repurchase of the material necessary for the re-installation of the disorders caused during the job of the first tradesperson (the material must be the object of the service).

The guarantee is capped at £ 2,000 per job redone (labor + purchase of equipment), and cannot exceed twice the original price of the first job.

Learn more by consulting the terms and conditions.

What to do in case of disaster ?

Contact within 7 (seven) calendar days consecutive to the end date of the job, our customer service by email, and describe your Claim:   To declare a sinister

  • Declaration on the Client's honor explaining the exact circumstances of the incident
  • Photos of proven defects or damages to the job of the wrong executed service

The Claim is processed on condition that NeedHelp is in possession of all the documents necessary for the investigation of the case. NeedHelp reserves the right to ask the Client for any additional documents to assess the validity of the claim. Failure to comply with these instructions, except in cases of force majeure or fortuitous event, gives NeedHelp the right not to take action in respect of its after-sales service.

The NeedHelp After-Sales Service will come back to you within 15 days if all the documents necessary for the processing of the file have been sent.