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wallpaper quickly stripping ceiling walls
If you are redecorating a room and wish to cover the walls with wallpaper , do not hesitate to contact a Jobber through NeedHelp to hang the wallpaper for you.

It is difficult to hang wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is a difficult task and it takes a lot of training and practice. NeedHelp’s jobbers are experienced and can perform the job of hanging wallpaper for you in less than a day. Our jobbers can prepare your walls before hanging the wallpaper: rinse, remove the old coating, re-plaster, ensure the wallpaper fits, prepare the glue, and of course hang the wallpaper on your walls where needed.

Most wallpaper jobbers come with their own tools (brush, roller, cutter) and can bring supplies as well - the wallpaper, if needed. Our jobbers, who are experienced in wallpapering, will be able to cut the wallpaper to size, apply the glue, and unwind the roll easily. After the creation of the job request, the comments section will allow you to exchange information with the different jobbers concerning terms and further details of the job.

Requesting a job on the NeedHelp platform is very simple; just register on NeedHelp and click on "Post a job". Then describe your need for wallpaper setup assistance and add your budget. Once the job request is created on the platform, you will be able to receive offers from the different jobbers around you - experienced in the job you are looking to cover. Chat with the jobbers in the comment section and choose the best jobber according to your criteria: experience, skillset, budget, comments, etc.

Set up wallpaper quickly with NeedHelp

Beautiful wallpaper can completely transform the look of a room. (Poorly hung wallpaper, on the other hand, will also transform a room, but not in the way we would like ...)

As always with any interior decorating job, the jobber taking care of your wallpaper application will start by checking for existing issues like holes or cracks in the wall, before applying the new wallpaper. In addition, stripping and preparing walls and ceilings properly is crucial (removing old wallpaper properly is a key part of ensuring that your new wallpaper looks great and is stable).

Sometimes, especially in older properties, the walls can be shabby and uneven. One solution is to go over the wall and apply some leveling plaster, but as a cheaper alternative you can also use wallpaper without a pattern - that way there won't be any alignment issues.

A jobber hanging your wallpaper will be able to hang wallpaper of any design or type (classic wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, etc.). There are many choices, including pre-pasted vinyl, paper, straight vinyl, vinyl with fabric backing, etc., and the jobber will be able to advise you on the best options.

By the way, did you know that wallpaper isn't just for walls? You can use it to decorate cupboards, tables and drawers as well.

NeedHelp’s Jobbers, who are experienced in applying wallpaper, can provide professional wallpaper and wall covering installation

Our NeedHelp jobbers have the right experience in hanging wallpaper and wall coverings.

Whether it is a single wall or several properties, each project is approached with the same level of finesse by our jobbers.

How to set up the most optimal wallpaper:

How will your wallpaper be applied?

If you are only looking to cover one of the four walls in your room, choose the wall with the most light. Your jobber will then start by drawing a vertical line using a plumb line. They will put the strip of wallpaper on this marker, and will let it overflow vertically onto the window or the door.
For the installation of wallpaper your jobber will cut the wallpaper in surplus, ensuring the coverage of the height of your room.

How to put wallpaper behind your radiator?

To apply wallpaper behind a radiator your jobber will locate the section of the power supply to the radiator and the supporting bracket where the radiator is hung. To get the best result possible, your jobber may use a broom handle covered with a clean cloth.

Bring in a NeedHelp jobber to prevent mold growth under your wallpaper

In most cases where mold appears on your wallpaper, it is due to the fact that the water contained in the glue has not been not absorbed by your wall. It is important to know how to carry out the wallpaper setup, especially when the wall has been painted before. The humidity in the room will then normally disappear.

How to be sure that your wallpaper is properly set up

To be sure that the setup of your wallpaper is properly done, your jobber performing the job will be able to check certain technical aspects:
Check the absorption level of your wall with the water drop test. How to do that? Spray a few drops of water on the wall, if they slide down without the wall sucking in any of it, your glue will have the same reaction and the wallpaper will not stay attached to the wall.
Your jobber will probably prefer to apply a primer before proceeding to glue the wall for the wallpaper to hang on.
To hang the wallpaper, your wall must be healthy and clean. If you have any doubts, you can apply a mixture of bleach and water (50/50).
To apply your wallpaper effectively, do not apply to a damp wall. If your wall is moist, it will be necessary to find and treat the humidity from the original source. Your jobber with their experience will be able to give you advice.

Ask for a free, non-binding quote to hang your wallpaper

Requesting an experienced jobber in hanging wallpaper to fix your walls in your home, will give you access to reliable materials, such as having a suitable glue for applying wallpaper, and professional hands to do the work. An experienced jobber will not leave any traces of glue on the wall after hanging the wallpaper.
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