Driveway improvement

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Walls / Partitions
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To remove a brick pillar and iron gate in the driveway to make the driveway a bit bigger.
Due date :
Date 25/09/2021

Location :
Lieu WN5 9LX

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John P

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Hi Sudipta, can sort this for you, job will include removing all rubbish and making good with concrete to the void created by removal of post, cheers John
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Robert F
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Voiture Camionnette
To remove gate and brick pillar as stated in your job description

Q&A Questions & Answers

Hi Sudipta, are looking to leave an open driveway or are you intending to fit wider gates once pillar has been removed? Cheers John
Date 14/09/2021 21:16
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No. Only remove the pillar to have open driveway
Date 15/09/2021 10:02
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