Water damaged Worktop replacement

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We had a burst water pipe , this has damaged a 1.5M part of worktop , this needs removal and replacement , I have a matching worktop full plank
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Date 15/09/2021

Lieu BL7 0JQ

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John P

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Hi Auran, this is a butt and scribe joint and involves a good deal of cutting, a cheaper alternative would be to use a metal strip between the 2 pieces this would cost approx £10 for the strip and £50 to fit worktops, alternatively you could ask the suppliers of the worktop if they offer a "butt and scribe" service, if they do then again the price for fitting would be £50, cheers John

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Hi Auran, is this a straight run? Ie is there a sink or hob to be cut in or is it joined to another section of worktop? Cheers John
Date du message 11/09/2021 12:29
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It’s the corner straight run but needs a smaller piece to make L shaped . No hob or sink cut out
Date du message 11/09/2021 15:35
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I’ve attached a photo , hope you can see it ?
Date du message 11/09/2021 15:41
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Hi Auran, can't see photo, is there a metal strip between the 2 pieces that form the corner or are the 2 pieces butted together? Cheers John
Date du message 11/09/2021 17:01
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No metal strip just glued together .
Date du message 11/09/2021 22:02
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